LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Class of 2020 Fundraiser Organized by Westford Education Foundation

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Important Notice

We are so excited to announce our fundraisers for the Class of 2020 – and introduce our brand new “Ghost a Graduate” opportunity! We love this time of year when we decorate our town and celebrate our graduates. During this period of hardship, let’s show them our love and support. Here’s the link to learn more about Ghosting, Graduation Banners, and this year’s Graduation Balloon donation sign-up.

Proceeds from these fundraisers will be used to provide innovative education and professional development grants to Westford Public Schools. We are also currently approving urgent online grants to help teachers during this time.

We know there are many ways to support our graduates; we thank you for choosing to also support WEF as we fulfill our mission to support innovative education while we give directly back into our community and support our schools!

We appreciate your support and so does the Class of 2020! — WEF Board of Directors ~ Kelly Guthrie, Sabrina Feldeisen, Sandy Wright, Sarah Bischoff, Betty Jo Cannistraro, Helen Jamieson, Melissa Lengyel, Amy Pratt, Christine Staffin and Megan Blanchard

Westford Education Foundation, P.O. Box 535, Westford, MA 01886, 978-418-9179

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