A WALK IN THE WOODS: Tom Paul Trail Takes Walkers from Town Hall to Cold Spring Road

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The Tom Paul trail beckoned on Sunday, due to temperatures approaching 80 degrees and sunshine brightening the region.

A walk from the Blanchard Farm condo complex ended at the J.V. Fletcher Library, facing Town Hall. Walkers who take the trail in the opposite direction will find themselves at another trail entrance on Cold Spring Road.

A description of the trail by Marian Harman and Rich Strazdas of the Westford Conservation Trust, includes the following: “The Tom Paul trail is one of the longest and most interesting trails in town, beginning at the center, and extending all the way to the Stone Arch Bridge in Graniteville. The trail includes a connection between the Roudenbush (Community Center) and Town Hall and then continues at 56 Main Street directly across from the Town Hall, between a stone wall and a driveway.  Look for yellow painted blazes to guide you. The trail from Town Hall to Pine Ridge Road is about 2 miles long, beyond which the trail extends another three-quarter miles through town land to the Stone Arch Bridge.  Much of the beautiful woodland through which the trail passes is permanently preserved open space belonging to Blanchard Farms, one of Westford’s most beautiful condominium developments.  Please keep to the defined trail, which is within the trail easement.  The trail is hilly and at some spots, wet.”

Here’s a photo gallery from May 3:

  • The Tom Paul Trail ends directly across from Westford Town Hall. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE