LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More Comprehensive Report Issued by State Reopening Advisory Board

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The Massachusetts Reopening Advisory Board, Mass. Dept. of Public Health and Governor’s Office today supplemented earlier reopening guidance and standards with a more comprehensive report, including opening dates and restrictions applicable to specific industries, which may be found at the following link:


Of relevance to many, as noted on Page 15 of the report, ‘office space’ may reopen on May 25, 2020, with Boston offices able to open on June 1; however, it is important to carefully review the numerous applicable restrictions during Phase 1 of the reopening (and changes during subsequent phases), including the following Phase 1 limitation at Page 17 of the Report, “Businesses should restrict occupancy to 25 percent maximum occupancy.”

As with most of the guidance issued to date, changes and further clarifications tend to be issued over time, so it is important to stay abreast of state and local requirements which may vary the standards over time. Stay safe. —Bill August, Esq., Epstein & August, LLP