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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Miller’s School Committee Experience will Be Crucial over Upcoming School Year


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I am writing to express support for Gloria Miller’s continued membership on the School Committee. Gloria has demonstrated both dedication and passion in her support of Westford and its schools, and I believe we will benefit from her continued application of those qualities. I also believe Gloria’s experience on the School Committee will be critical to successfully navigating what promises to be an extraordinarily busy and challenging upcoming school year.

Gloria’s passion for the job is evidenced by the time and energy she already puts in. Her leadership of the Policy Subcommittee demands not only frequent meetings to review and edit draft policies, but countless evenings researching mandates and approaches to issues addressed in those drafts. Her time as a lead negotiator, jointly with the Superintendent, on the contract negotiations with the Teachers’ Union will be put to good use as those contract discussions begin anew next year.

Her experience on the School Committee itself provides insights into the role of the Superintendent and the skills that uniquely describe the position; insights which will prove valuable as the search for a new Superintendent commences next year. Also, as a current School Committee member, Gloria has an understanding of the budget and the budget process that may well be put to the test as we enter a school year in which the State, the Town, and some of our own community members are all likely to struggle with finances, struggles which will ultimately impact the school budget.

Gloria Miller’s experience in all these roles will serve to provide Westford with a School Committee member able to take on the challenges of a potentially difficult year on Day 1.

I believe we have been and will continue to be well served by having Gloria Miller on our School Committee. I hope you will join me in voting for her either by mail-in ballot or in person in this year’s election which ends June 30. –Erika Kohl, Westford