WESTFORDCAT BOARD MEMBER: Marilyn Katler Reflects on the Need for Local News


Marilyn Katler, one of six new board members at WestfordCAT, talks with ‘Main Street’ host Joyce Pellino Crane on Zoom about the goals for the TV station and the importance of supporting local news.

Marilyn Katler. COURTESY PHOTO

Katler said she learned how important local news is when she voted for a candidate she knew little about. The elected official turned out to have different political views from hers.

“I was working at the time and I didn’t know these people,” she said.

Katler said it would be heartbreaking for the country to lose local news.

“The challenge is to make things relevant and to make people realize they need this,” she added.


Westford’s town election takes place on June 30. Residents can apply for an early ballot by emailing the Town Clerk’s office at [email protected]