QUICK QUOTE: School Committee Member Urges Community to Attend Virtual Meeting on July 29 and Listen to People of Color

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Editor’s Note: School Committee Chris Sanders is spearheading a virtual meeting that will showcase a series of people telling their stories about race and racial justice. The meeting takes place on Wednesday, July 29 at 7 p.m. Registration is requested and Sanders said he’ll post a link at noon on Wednesday.

Chris Sanders. Filel Photo


“Obviously in the past couple of months there have been a lot of conversations around the country and in Westford about racial justice. What race in Westford looks like. And we’ve heard from so many people and it’s been really important…to vote our support for the Westford public schools “it can’t wait demands” about eight improvements we can make as educators in Westford to make it a more equitable anti racist and diverse school district. One of the things to come out of those conversations was just the need to hear the voices of the people of color in this community and in our schools.


One of the things to come out those was just to hear the voices of the people of color in this community and in our schools…voices that maybe didn’t always feel they were being heard. Voices that have stories to tell that may be hard to hear but that are important for us to hea and in those conversations we decided that was a valuable next step was to have an event where we could listen to those voices. Just listen. Not chime in and not weigh in with what we think but really just hear students and our past students on experiences they had dealing with race and ethnicity in our schools. So that’s what we have lined up for Wednesday. It’s been out on Facebook. There have been emails.”