WESTFORDCAT BOARD MEMBERS: Vice President Susan McNeill Spuhler Stresses Importance of Local, Community Television

Video by Patty Stocker

The Vice President of WestfordCAT’s Board of Directors, Susan McNeill Spuhler, talks with WestfordCAT’s Patty Stocker about her views on the importance of local access television in the community. Spuhler, who has utilized public access T.V. over the years both by hosting her own programs and borrowing WCAT equipment to cover area conferences, is eager to enlighten the public of the station’s usefulness. “I see us as ambassadors to the T.V. station,” said Spuhler. “Going out and letting everyone know that the station exists and what we can offer. People can come and create their own television shows and they can become sponsors and they can get all sorts of wonderful publicity from us…let your imagination run wild and have a great time.”

WestfordCAT recently elected a new Board of Directors and is conducting a series of interviews with each one of the six members.