COMMENTARY: Supporters Stand by President Trump in Westford


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More than 40 Trump supporters gathered on Oct. 3 at the intersection of Boston/Carlisle and Littleton Roads in Westford to demonstrate their support for President Trump.

Signs had various slogans including “Veterans for Trump,” “Law Enforcement for Trump,” “Proud Constitutional Conservatives for Trump,” and “Women for Trump.”

Trump supporters gather in Westford. PHOTO BY KATHY LYNCH

Two people held balloons with “Get Well Soon” slogans because of Trump’s alleged positive result on a Covid-19 test.

The Westford standout was the fourth in a series of standouts, within the First Middlesex District, co-organized by state Committeeman Dennis Galvin, and me, state Committeewoman.

Previous standouts were held on busy Saturday mornings at the Pepperell Rotary, Groton Four Corners, and Tyngsborough Bridge.

For two hours, drivers-by honked horns and held thumbs up for Trump. While some drivers-by shouted out obscenities in opposition, the response was overwhelmingly positive for President Trump, indicating that, even in the blue state of Massachusetts, President Trump might do very well this election season.–Kathy Lynch, Republican State Committeewoman


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