COMMITTEE CHAIR’S CORNER: Quick Synopsis of Actions Taken by School Committee

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Editor’s Note: The following synopsis of the Oct. 5 School Committee meeting was written by School Committee Chair Gloria Miller.


Gloria Miller

At the Oct. 5 meeting, the Westford School Committee voted to support the following articles for the Oct. 17 special Town Meeting:

  •  Article 5 to Approve Community Preservation Committee Recommendations to fund the Westford Academy Amenities Building – in support 7-0.
  • Article 6 to Approve Fiscal Year 2021 Capital Appropriations, Motion 1, $90,000 for the school administrative office feasibility study – in support 7-0.
Further, the School Committee voted 7-0 not to recommend Article 6 to approve fiscal 2021 Capital Appropriations, motion 4, regarding the Westford Academy Amenities Building with the rationale that we recommend using CPA funds in the previous Article 5 for that project.  This is consistent with the positions taken by the Select Board and Finance Committee.