CHERYL A MAJOR: Vitamin B9 and its Effect on the Brain


Get daily Westford text alerts by subscribing here. If you value this free news please consider making a donation to WestfordCAT through: I just read a fascinating article on LinkedIn about brain health and vitamin B9 and felt compelled to share it with you. A little personal background…Brain health is front and center as a concern for me as my mother suffered with vascular dementia and my father had the version of delusional dementia associated with Parkinson’s Disease. In this article, titled, “One Nutrient Benefits Alzheimer’s”, Dr. Mike Greenberg sites a study done with a group of nuns and the level of folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, in their systems.  It’s a quick but fascinating read.  He writes:

“The most remarkable scientific study done to figure out Alzheimer’s was performed in a 15 year period involving over 300 nuns. Continue Reading →