CHERYL A. MAJOR: Personal Freedom Begins in Your Mind

Get daily Westford text alerts by subscribing here. I thought this was an interesting topic to address given the current state of our country and the world. Our personal freedom is certainly being curtailed for the moment and for our own good. Rather than point a finger or cast blame for the unfettered spread of the virus, I thought it would be more productive to address how we think and how we can adjust our thinking going forward. You might be surprised to learn that the biggest obstacle to your personal freedom is right between your ears. Continue Reading →

Federal Drug Administration: WARNING ALERT

The Federal Drug Administration is alerting patients, caregivers and health care professionals that EpiPen 0.3mg and EpiPen Jr 0.15mg auto-injectors, and the authorized generic versions, may potentially have delayed injection or be prevented from properly injecting. Continue Reading →