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A Road Race Over In Acton And Winners Of The Pig’n’Pepper Tickets!


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Coming Soon At Nara Park

Just over the Westford border in Acton, the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Dash’n’Bash 5K.

The event takes place on Sept. 13 at 10:45.

Hunting Policy Committee Update: August 11th Meeting

Here are the key decisions by the HPC for their upcoming recommendation for the Selectmen. These decisions may change in future meetings.

  • On Selectmen-managed lands, permanent stands, or stands that permanently damage trees are not allowed.
  • Portable stands or blinds must be removed within 31 days of the completion of the hunting season.
  • Owner identification, as determined by this committee or the town, shall be affixed to the stand. 
  • Person must use a tree stand, or ground blind.  No still hunting or stalking is permitted, except for tracking previously shot game.

Who Won The Pig’n’Pepper Tickets?

We’ve got the winner of our contest! Check out who it was in our video here, presented by two members of Up With People, one of the main acts at the festival.

You can get tickets this weekend at Nashoba Valley Ski Area, or online. More info is available at bluesandbrewrotary.org    and pignpepper.org


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