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Carlisle Road Winery Announces “Revolutionary” New Wine


Carlisle Road was once home to a piece of Revolutionary War history and now one business situated along the road is also hoping it will become home to a new revolution in wine.

Noel Powell of Aaronap Cellars with his Revolutionary Red Wine
Noel Powell of Aaronap Cellars with his “Revolutionary Road Red” Wine

Aaronap Cellars announced last month that it has introduced a new wine called “Revolution Road Red” honoring a historic march to Concord on Patriots’ Day by the Westford Militia as well as what some could say is a growing revolution in New England wine making.

For Noel Powell, the owner of Aaronap, the idea arose after discovering red merlot and cabernet franc grapes in Rhode Island, a previously rare occurrence.

“I was amazed this guy could get merlot grapes in Rhode Island and told him he was doing revolutionary things,” said Powell. “I was trying to think of a cool name and thought of the historical nature of my neighborhood and it all kind of clicked.”

Powell calls the just released 2012 vintage a “well structured” dry red wine with cherry and chocolate aromas with a cranberry zing aftertaste that he believes would be enjoyed by those living in the era the wine was named after.

“I think the founding fathers would have loved this wine,” said Powell. “Thomas Jefferson loved red wines from Bordeaux while stationed in France, I’m sure he would have been thrilled to find something similar in North America.”

Only 17 cases of the vintage were made, and three have already been sold at the Westford Farmers’ Market.

Currently bottles are going for $24.99, with $2 from each sale going to the Westford Historical Society.

More information on the wines is available at aaronapcellars.com


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