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LETTER: Galvin Will Emphasize Local Aid Restoration


The following is a letter to the editor from Val Wormell. To send your own letter to the editor, e-mail the editor at [email protected]

Long before state elections came to the forefront of voter’s minds, Dennis Galvin published a position on local government. In it, Galvin states, “that each community receive a fair and equitable share of state resources . . . to see that basic responsibilities are discharged effectively.” He goes on to emphasize the restoration of local aid to pre-recession levels, open debate by the legislature on local aid levels, elimination of unfunded mandates and greater latitude in controlling growth and development. Galvin’s positions stress local control.

Since 2008, Westford’s share of local aid has barely approached 1% while the state budget has increased between 5 to 6% annually. For years, local officials have met publicly with state representatives to underscore the importance of funding local aid to meet education and public safety needs. As far back as 2009, the Board of Selectmen published a list of state mandates for our representatives to fund or address. Pleas from local officials have been unanswered. This past year the legislature voted to disallow debate on amendments to increase local aid in the state budget. Fighting for local aid is one of the few requests we make of our state representative.

I have no doubt that Dennis Galvin will work toward each of his positions. When citizens asked the Town Republican Committee for assistance in opposing an unconstitutional gun ban, Dennis led the effort. When it came to implementing local zoning for the distribution and use of medical marijuana, Galvin chaired the committee and got the job done. Adding transparency to mitigation fund management, Galvin was there. Solving long-standing problems such as unaccepted roads, Galvin put policy in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

On November 4th vote for a leader to represent Westford to the state legislature. Vote for Dennis Galvin for State Representative.

Valerie Wormell

25 Vose Hill Rd.



[email protected]


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