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Littleton Road’s Craft Beer Cellar Is Celebrating A Year In Business


From Nabnasset to Forge Village, here are your Five Things for Oct. 8 in Westford.

#1. Congratulations to Ms. Anderson and Sanderson at the Abbot School… they were awarded with an unsung heroes grant through Voa Financial for their “Centering on Problem Solvers” teaching method that uses “math centers” and smaller groups of students working on 15-minute lessons that targets their mathematical learning needs.

The grant will help develop three to four math centers that engage the students through tablets and creation apps.

#2. The Westford Historical Society is looking for old pictures and exhibit items to borrow for the year or copy pictures from the Parker Village, 4H grounds, Nashoba Ski area and Kimball Farm as part of the celebration of Parker Village area of Westford.  Please contact Penny Lacroix at 978 692-5550.

#3. The Northern Bank and Trust Company Photo Contest…runs from October 1- 31, 2014 Email photos to [email protected]. A maximum of 3 photos submitted by entrant will be accepted.

Voting will occur from Nov. 1 to Nov. 10, the prize is a $50 gift certificate as well as fame from being on display at Northern Bank and Trust and the Roudenbush Community Center for a year.

asdasdasd#4. WESTFORD AGAINST SUBSTANCE ABUSE (WASA) is looking for members for their working Board of Directors. They are sponsoring four middle school dances, Project Purple and Last Night. If you have an interest in joining contact Sue Higgins at 978-496-4404 or [email protected]

#5. Pictured.. the Craft Beer Cellar at 142 Littleton Road is celebrating its first anniversary on Friday from 5 to 7 p.m. For more information on the store, head to craftbeercellar.com/westford


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