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LETTER: Peraner-Sweet Is Ready To Continue Working Hard For Westford


The following letter to the editor was submitted by Angela Harkness. Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of WestfordCAT or its Board of Directors. To submit your own letter, e-mail [email protected]

I am writing in support of Andrea Peraner-Sweet for re-election to the Board of Selectmen.

In this volatile national election year I’m reminded of how lucky we are to live in Westford.  Our community is a beautiful one with great schools, excellent services, a reasonable tax rate and many amenities that are the envy of communities everywhere.  Our library, our community center, our senior center and even our museum are lively, vibrant places where people can gather to participate in the many varied activities available to meet their diverse needs.  Our roads are spic and span even during the worst of storms; our recreation programs and trail system are top notch, our water is clean, our kids are safe and we try hard to provide affordable housing for our seniors and others on a limited income who might want to live here.  Westford is a great place.

The truth is it takes hard work to keep it that way.  Andrea Peraner-Sweet is running for reelection to the Board of Selectmen this year in order to do just that.  Andrea has served on this Board for the last six years, as Chairman for two of those years.  Before that she served on the Planning Board for thirteen years (six as Chair) and on the Permanent School Building Committee for five years.  She has also served on the Stonybrook Master Plan Committee (as Chair), the Stepinski Land Acquisition Committee (as Co-Chair), the Community Preservation Committee, Affordable Housing Committee (as Co-Chair), the Master Plan Committee and the Master Plan Implementation Committee.

Her desire to work for our community speaks for itself.  Her ability to bring people together, to listen to all sides of an argument, to compromise when appropriate and to stand firm when necessary are all evident in everything she does.  Her intelligence, common sense and compassion clearly guide her actions.  We are so lucky to have such a dedicated person giving so much of herself to this community!  Her service is one of the things that make us what we are.

Please vote for Andrea Peraner-Sweet for Selectman on May 7, 2016 – let’s make sure Westford remains a great place to live.