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LETTER: Vote O’Malley In Board of Health Race


The following is a letter to the editor submitted by Kathy Lynch. Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the views of WestfordCAT or its Board of Directors. To submit your own content, e-mail [email protected]

I am writing to support candidate Anastasia  O’Malley (a.k.a. Tasi) for the Westford Board of Health. Anastasia  O’Malley has a firm focus on the health and wellness of the Westford community while practicing what she preaches. You can see her passion and activism through a number of community initiatives. Anastasia  O’Malley is on the Board of Directors of Sustainable Westford which runs the Westford Farmers Market, Healthy Kids Coalition, and Up-Cycle It. Sustainable Westford is also known for offering cooking classes and film screenings on issues of sustainability.

As Coordinator in Westford’s Healthy Kids Coalition, Anastasia  O’Malley has gone into the public schools introducing children to a rainbow of healthy fruits and vegetables — many of which the children had never tried before. Anastasia  O’Malley has helped to create posters for schools that provide healthy messages to combat messages from advertisers of unhealthy processed foods. Not only does the Healthy Kids Coalition focus on healthy food but also on lifestyle such as healthy sleep habits, reducing time with electronic devices, and easy access to exercise programs.

Anastasia  O’Malley’s research skills are evident in her career and volunteer projects. I have personally witnessed her willingness and ability to research issues from multiple angles while considering the health benefits and risks of all the options. Her closing statement at the League of Women Voters Candidates Night demonstrated the research she had done on environmental toxins and how they weaken our body’s defenses against disease. You can be assured that Anastasia O’Malley will consider carefully whatever health issue Westford residents face — anywhere from tick-borne disease to clean food and water.

You may have seen Anastasia O’Malley at the Westford Farmers Market as she worked to involve the public with local farmers and businesses in an effort to build community and help the economy. It is this type of commitment  to wellness, community involvement, and review of scientific research from multiple sources, that our Board of Health needs. On May 3rd, for Westford’s Board of Health, please take the time to vote for Anastasia  O’Malley.