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Man Banned From Littleton Road McDonalds For Frequently Trying To Exchange Old Food For New Food


The following information came from the Westford Police Department.

Feb. 18, 3:26 p.m. – Recently a man moved out of his former girlfriend’s home on Birch Road, but he needed advice from the Westford Police on how to proceed with some items he left there.

The man said that last year he purchased two kayaks, worth $300 a piece, and he took one kayak with him.

However, he left the second kayak there to pick up later and the ex-girlfriend refused to give it back.

The man did not have a receipt for the kayak, which was described as 10 feet long. He was told that without a receipt, this would be a civil matter and he’d have to go to court.

At this point, the officer then talked to the ex-girlfriend, who said that the man offered to pay for half of the kayak as a birthday present to her.

She said that the kayak had been bought from Dick’s in Nashua, but the receipt had been thrown out months ago. Additionally, she indicated that the man owed her and her grandmother past rent.

As with the man, the ex-girlfriend was told that the kayak and the past rent were civil issues, but she could request a no-trespassing order could be given. She declined. Later, the man voluntarily agreed to not directly confront the ex-girlfriend regarding the kayak unless he decided to go to court in the future. No further action was taken.

Feb. 18, 6:33 p.m. – While on patrol, an officer was dispatched to Rapid Refill on Groton Road after reports of two men who appeared to be out of place.

The men had been in the store for half an hour and appeared to be associated with a large moving truck parked nearby from New Jersey.

According to one of the men, they were heading back to New Jersey and stopped to get some snacks. However, one of the men lost his debit card somewhere in the store and they spent half an hour trying to find it.

Later the store clerk found the debit card inside a shopping bag he had given to the men.

No further action was taken.

Feb. 20, 10:45 a.m. – An officer was dispatched to the Littleton Road McDonalds after a manager complained about a customer.

The manager alleged that the customer continued to come into the restaurant each week and try to exchange old food for new food, displaying receipts from the previous day.

According to the manager, this had been going on for a while and he wished to ban the customer from the restaurant.

The officer told the manager to call the police if the customer returns so he could be issued a no-trespassing order.