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Nashoba Tech Students Help Injured Chihuahua, Bunny


Within a month of the Angell at Nashoba Veterinary Clinic
opening at Nashoba Tech, students from different technical programs
had worked together to come to the aid of two animals with injured legs.

bunny wheelchair
Checking the specs of a “wheelchair” they created for Kitt, a paralyzed bunny brought to the Angell at Nashoba Veterinary Clinic, are Nashoba Tech Engineering Academy students Charles Clark, left, and David van der Heide, along with the bunny’s owner, Kara Reitz, Lisa Quinones, the certified veterinary technician at Angell at Nashoba, and Dr. Lawrence Sawyer, the veterinarian at Angell at Nashoba. Unfortunately, Kitt died of natural causes before being able to use the wheelchair. (courtesy – Dan Phelps)

A six-week-old Chihuahaua with a broken leg and a bunny with paralyzed hing legs received assistance from the clinic.

Normal dog splints were too big for the puppy, but with help from students in the clinic and the school’s Electrical Technology department, a tiny custom splint was easily made.

However, the bunny proved to be a bigger problem.

Angell Memorial Medical Center in Boston came to the clinic asking for students that could potentially build a “wheelchair” for the bunny, named Kitt.

Chelmsford’s Charles Clark and David van der Heide rose to the challenge, using aluminum tubing and wheels, fabric from a yoga mat and other various metal pieces.

“I didn’t think I’d be working with animals, but I’m glad to do
this,” David said. “It’s a positive thing for the community.”

While the students were able to craft the device, unfortunately Kitt died before getting to use it. “It’s a pretty common injury for bunnies,” said Dr. Lawrence Sawyer, the veterinarian on staff at Angell at Nashoba.“Commercial bunny wheelchairs are very expensive, and the client couldn’t afford one.”

Angell at Nashoba is open to residents in Nashoba Tech’s district who
qualify financially. The clinic’s phone number is 978-577-5992.
Students are being accepted for the 2016-17 school year. For
admissions information, call 978-970-4611, ext. 1123.