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New Non-Profit Thrift Store Looks To Make Mark On Westford


Anyone driving east down Groton Road recently may have seen a new store called “The Marys.” Who exactly are the Marys? Well, they’re not actually called Mary, but they’re hoping to become a household name in Westford.

Wendy Turcotte and Kara Valcourt grew up in Dunstable, but were known growing up as the Marys, after their grandmother Mary DeVincentis, who lived in Parker Village.

The pair stayed in the area and began to sell items in eBay three years ago as a side business. Eventually though for Turcotte, accepting donations and giving parts of the proceeds from the business became a way to keep the compassion she found in nursing with a lot less stress.

In March, the sisters opened a store at 487 Groton Rd., combining the eBay sales with a brick and mortar location that would be part of Westford, but also reach out to nearby communities and different clientele.

“We knew we wanted a different kind of shopper. Littleton Road is great,” said Turcotte. “We were just looking for something different: off the beaten path. Most thrift store shoppers will look for you.”

In the early days of the sisters’ eBay business, the pair focused their donations on the Wounded Warrior Project. As they begin the process to become an official non-profit, they are now looking to recast their focus toward more local charities, potentially beginning scholarships and helping first responders.

As time goes by, the pair also hope to highlight local artisans as well.

But regardless of what happens, Turcotte hopes to make a mark where she grew up in a way that’s fun and fulfilling.

“There’s so much more to life than just working,” she said. “So for me to give back in my little corner of the world is just huge. We can’t go wrong.”

More information on the store is available on its Facebook page.