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Boston Marathon Results For Westford’s Runners


Boston MarathonIt’s Patriots’ Day and that means it’s time for the Boston Marathon! We’re live tweeting results for all Westford participants, for more check out our feed and our graph of Westford’s participants below later on in the day.

Name Time
Bryan Widmann 2:53:10
Jill Trotter 3:17:54
Taryn Sleger 3:25:19
Peter Desforge 3:33:00
Melissa Matheson 3:36:19
Jonathan Ring 3:36:21
Lori Trahan 3:56:09
Gregory Loconte 4:01:47
Patrick Mahady 4:04:59
Susan Bourque 4:13:49
Joseph Callaghan 4:18:16
Kevin Staffin 4:24:06
Scott Graham 4:26:20
Christine Ross 4:28:00
Gerard Ottaviano 4:32:39
Karen Morgan 4:34:41
Tammy Darling 4:36:05
Julie Erickson 4:41:45
Beth Mullen 4:43:09
Stacey Browne 4:45:32
Susanne Duato 4:48:34
Matthew Carroll 4:50:20
Teresa Bolick 5:08:52
Amanda Dezak 5:24:29
Mara Sullivan 5:25:21
Andrew Thompson 5:57:21
Maryann Knight-Ekberg N/A
Jim Garcia N/A
Jill Lohmeier N/A
James Geraghty N/A
Colleen Smith N/A
Bridget Peterson N/A
Bethany Knoettner N/A