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Banbury Drive Man Calls Police After Concerns With New Bedford Contractor


The following information was obtained from the Westford Police Records Department.

March 3, 6:43 p.m. – Two officers were dispatched to Wing Road after reports of two suspicious flashlights in the woods.

On arriving at Wing Road, the officers met with a homeowner who said she called out the people holding the flashlights, but got no response.

She was afraid that that someone was trying to break into her house and she was especially concerned after seeing unusual fingerprints on a window a few days ago.

The officers did not see any sign of forced entry into the house and later could not find anyone near the area where the flashlights were spotted.

Four hours later, the homeowner’s husband also notified police that he spotted something suspicious and requested additional patrols.

March 5, 9:59 a.m. – An individual asked for assistance after he discovered that his foster son had removed a car from his property without permission.

The foster son had been arrested in January and his license had been suspended due to a fee he owed to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The car was discovered at Salem State College, where the foster son was going to school.

March 6, 12:21 a.m. – One man called police after reporting two men on Princeton Way banging on a door and yelling.

While an officer was on route, the two men had exited the building and were attempting to leave in a blue car.

The officer was able to find the blue car outside of the Princeton Properties building complex and talked to the driver and the passenger inside the vehicle.

The driver of the car said he had left a party due to an argument with another man. He was banging on the door where he believed the friend lived.

The man had an odor of alcohol on him according to police reports and he appeared to be confused.

According to the reports, the man began to then change his story and identify different people he was trying to contact, but it was unclear how he was changing his story.

The man did tell the officer that he had consumed alcohol earlier in the evening.

At this point, the officer talked to the passenger, who did not appear to be intoxicated.

The passenger said he was at a friend’s house and asked for a ride, and that the person who picked him up appeared to be upset. The passenger had just gotten into an argument and wanted to go home. The person picking him up returned to Princeton Properties, where he then began to bang on the door in the hallway.

According to the report, the passenger was unsure why the driver was mad, but believed he had general anger management issues.

Family members were contacted to give the driver a ride back to his home. The driver was ordered to park the vehicle.

March 16, 10:30 a.m. – One officer was dispatched to Banbury Drive after a resident required legal advice. The man recently hired a contractor from New Bedford and gave him two checks totaling $4,000 for fence and kitchen work.

The contractor did do some of the required work on the fence, but had not returned to finish the job. Both checks had been cashed. The home owner was advised to contact the small claims court.