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Food Truck Festival Finds Balance For Vendors And Attendees


The Westford Road Race is a Westford tradition, as is the Apple Blossom Festival. This year, in the weekend between those two traditions, in one of the key locations of those two traditions, another emerging and evolving tradition returned once again.

Grey skies didn’t stop the fourth edition of the Fashion Truck’s Savor in Style Festival, better known as the Westford Food Truck Festival.

The festival has varied in size over the last two years and this spring’s edition included eight food truck vendors and 16 non-food truck vendors arrayed across the entrance to the Abbot School and its front lawn.

According to event organizer Emily Benson, approximately 1,200 to 1,300 people showed up at a steady pace throughout the five-hour event, comparable to the first edition of the event.

A relaxed atmosphere late in the day at the Food Truck Festival.
A relaxed atmosphere late in the day at the Food Truck Festival.

Last spring, the event drew approximately 4,000 visitors and last fall, it drew around 1,500.

For Benson, this year’s turnout came as a result of careful planning to find the proper balance that would keep line sizes small for event attendees and help vendors enjoy a profitable day.

Add that to an indomitable New England attitude to the cold and a growing following among local residents and she was quick to call the event a success.

“This time I think I found a middle ground and everybody was really happy,” she said. “Westford’s still loving this. So even on a day that’s pretty chilly, pretty rainy, people are still coming out to enjoy delicious food and support small local businesses.”

This year’s event did not include the Fashion Truck, Benson’s retail clothing and jewelry truck that was once paired with a brick and mortar location on Main Street in Westford.

Although she has full confidence that the festival will continue in the future, Benson could not immediately provide specifics on what form that festival will take, or if she will have a role in it, although she mentioned that plans for a future edition of the festival are still in development.

WestfordCAT News will have more information on upcoming editions of the Westford Food Truck Festival as they become available.