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Neighbors Fight Over Tree On Bridge Street


The was obtained from the Westford Police Department Records Department.

Feb. 24, 8:33 p.m. – While on patrol, an officer went to aid a fellow officer at a home on Depot Street.

A week earlier, a domestic incident was reported at the home when a former boyfriend began sending her explicit text messages.

The woman had the boyfriend’s number blocked, but she was concerned after receiving additional inappropriate texts from an unknown number.

An investigation revealed that the number had been used by automated calls seeking to obtain customers for health insurance companies. Police were unable to reach anyone at that particular number.

March 2, 10:15 a.m. – A woman came into the police station with her son to talk about missing money.

The woman owns a business on Carlisle Road and had an incident the previous day that involved two employees.

The employees had worked at the business for decades and allegedly placed several hundred dollars into an envelope that was then placed inside a pocketbook.

The pocketbook was found in an office area, shortly after it was discovered that money was missing.

Money had gone missing occasionally over the past six weeks and the owner had suspected the two employees. She wants to terminate them, but also wants to make sure they do not steal equipment given as part of the job.

The officer told the two employees that they were no longer employed at the business and were not allowed to set foot inside the business. They were also informed they needed to return the equipment to the police station.

The owner was informed of the call and thanked the officer. She did not wish to pursue further criminal action.

March 2, 11:11 p.m. – Officers were dispatched to a building on West Prescott Street after someone called reporting yelling nearby.

Upon arrival, officers could not hear any noise outside the building. The officers knocked on the door of the residence in question and met a man who was told a neighbor reported yelling.

The man indicated that there was no argument and allowed the officers to enter the premises to talk to his girlfriend.

The girlfriend also said there was no argument and she believed the upstairs neighbor made a phony call in order to exact revenge.

She added that these types of calls had occurred in the past and she was likely being evicted soon.

The officers told the girlfriend to contact them if any additional issues arose between her and the neighbor.

March 3, 10:40 a.m. – One man on Bridge Street called for help regarding a problem with a neighbor over a tree.

While the officer who talked to the man said it was a civil matter, he said he would meet with the neighbor to discuss the issue.

Upon arrival, the officer saw limbs of the tree on the man’s property, cut off by a tree company to do some maintenance.

The tree company was stopped by the neighbor after he discovered what was going on.

At this point, the officer advised the man not to cut anymore limbs until he reaches out to the town’s tree warden.

Then the officer talked to the neighbor who said that landmarks delinating the property lines between the two properties had been frequently moved by the man and that the man sprayed the tree with chemicals.

Again, the officer told the neighbor that this was a civil matter to be settled by the tree warden or land court and that no more limbs should be taken down until either the tree warden or land court makes a decision.

This was also relayed to the man.