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New on CAT: Ed Says Farewell to a Friend Plus The Latest News Around Town From Ira


From Nabnasset to Forge Village, it’s time for Ira Keltz and WestfordCAT News!

In this week’s edition, Ira and the WestfordCAT News team share all the highlights from the 2016 Apple Blossom Festival, introduce you to a Stony Brook Middle School student who won the Massachusetts State Geography Bee, and show you the event at the J.V. Fletcher Library that almost tied the library’s all-time attendance record.

You can check it out below! This episode of WestfordCAT News also debuts on Thursday night at 6:30pm on public channels Comcast 8 and Verizon 35.

Also from the studio this week, Ed Cohen’s back with a new variety show. In this episode, he gives a eulogy for Barry’s dog, while Barry gives a musical tribute. Niki also gives an update on Rattlesnake Island. You can check it out in the embedded video below.

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