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Roudenbush Christens Liz Mayer and Patti Mason Playgrounds


The Roudenbush Community Center honored two key figures from its storied history on Thursday as they officially dedicated two of their playgrounds.

Ceremonies began at the Roudenbush Children’s Center Old Nab branch where a playground was named former preschool director Liz Mayer.

Liz Mayer
Liz Mayer

Starting as an assistant teacher in 1981, Mayer became acting director of the school in 1988 and quickly was promoted to full director after her colleagues composed a letter explaining all the reasons why she should get the job.

Former Roudenbush Director and current Roudenbush Person of the Year Patti Mason was then honored at the Roudenbush Community Center, where staff christened a new playground behind the school in her name.

“Roudenbush is very special, they’re like an extended family to me,” said Mason.

Patti Mason
Patti Mason

Current Roudenbush Community Center Director Patti Pichette also announced that an anonymous donor has issued a $15,000 challenge grant to make the playgrounds handicapped accessible, vowing to match donations up to that amount until July 31.

Pichette told the crowd during the ceremony that efforts to make the Roudenbush playgrounds more accessible to handicapped individuals began last year when a young boy with a leg infection was unable to play with his peers.

Donations are being accepted for the effort at Roudenbush’s website, www.roudenbush.org