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Westford Academy Seniors’ Internship Concludes At WestfordCAT


Whether you’re investigating your future career choice, making connections for summer work, volunteering at an organization or exploring a topic you’re curious about, Westford Academy students agree, the Senior Capstone Experience gives them a taste of the “real world”.

2016 Westford Academy Interns at WestfordCAT (credit - Sarah Fletcher)
2016 Westford Academy Interns at WestfordCAT (credit – Sarah Fletcher)

Thomas Healy, Antonio Feliciano, Ashley Diaz and Kameryn Hall joined the staff at WestfordCAT to explore their interests in photography, graphic design and communications.  Several projects were completed during their five-week internship including an interview project with WA teachers, a short one-act play, and a WCAT infomercial, they also compiled their own episode of “Bloopers”.

Executive Director Lauren Horton shared, “This has been a great experience they’ll remember forever.  It’s brought the four of them together as a team and they’ve had great fun working on their videos.”

Having done both fieldwork as well as studio work, the four students recorded video with high definition camcorders, taken lots of wonderful photos of Westford for use on WCAT’s new website using the DSLR camera, and have explored the studio production equipment.  While in studio, they’ve learned a bit about lighting, set design and soundboard operations.

Video production planning included a search for a royalty-free play to produce, developing an “infomercial” about the WCAT experience and meeting with a few of their teachers to find out little-known facts about them.  Editing will be a big part of their final week. Their recorded play will be submitted into a competition to the Arlington International Film Festival.

Marketing Outreach Manager, Sarah Fletcher, added, “They are all independent, motivated and sharp individuals. I’ve really enjoyed having them around the station they’ve been an inspiration and so much fun to observe as they worked together over the past weeks.”

The Senior Capstone Experience wrapped up on Friday, May 20. The videos produced by the students will be available to watch on the local channels (Comcast 8 & 99 or Verizon 33 & 35), to stream from www.westfordCAT.org or view from the WCAT YouTube channel.