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Westford Cheetahs Play Hard In Draw


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Date: Saturday, 5/1

Opponent: Billerica 4A GU10-4

Score: Westford Cheetahs 1  Billerica 1

This was a hard-fought game from the opening whistle, with action at both ends of the field; a real treat for players and spectators. Both teams showed poise in midfield and on defense, making it tough to break through. Kaylee Moore made the most of the limited chances as the result of a powerful, accurate goal kick from Bailey Dyer that traveled past half field to Kaylee in stride; she did the rest, dribbling past one defender and nailing a low shot into the corner.

Billerica kept pressure up in the second half, resulting in a tying goal, but there were several chances snuffed out by both team’s defenses. The Cheetahs battled all game and received inspired performances from Ariana Thomas, Ashley Hander, and goalies Ava Janko and Keira Grenier.

Coaches from both sides were overheard saying they love these kinds of games – competitive, fair, and full of action.