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Zoning Board Hears Discussion On Groton Road 40B


Last week, the Zoning Board of Appeals received an update on a proposed 40B development on Groton Road after postponements in March and April.

Located just south of Flushing Pond, the development is approximately 1.8 acres and will now have access to a .2 acre buffer being sold by the western abutter, Dana Owens.

A plan of Alder Point at the May 18, 2016 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.
A plan of Alder Point at the May 18, 2016 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.

Also known as Alder Point, the development has been proposed with eight units inside four buildings.

Owens was opposed to the development at its first ZBA hearing in February, but he told the board that he’s worked with the developer to alleviate his concerns with building density on the project.

If eventually approved, the slice would remain undeveloped.

In addition to the slice, the buildings now have a minimum distance of 15 feet separating each other and the road coming into the development from Groton has been moved to the east and south to create a 75-foot buffer from wetlands along the point.

The proposed road has also been made more curved to facilitate navigation for fire trucks.

The board read portion of a letter from Jane Schule concerned with the development’s impact on soil stability near the pond, its impact on nearby soil water permeability and possible impact from landscaping chemicals in the nearby wetlands.

Attorney Melissa Robbins reiterated that the proposed buildings will beyond 75 feet away from the wetlands and even further from the pond’s shore.

The board also had questions on the buffer between the buildings and the property abutting the eastern portion of the property: 1 Cobblestone Ln.

There were earlier concerns that the development’s buildings and their proximity to 1 Cobblestone Ln. could impact a hilly area on the border of the property. The distance of 20 feet from the easternmost building to the development’s eastern border and approximately 75 feet from the easternmost building to the building at 1 Cobblestone Ln. was also mentioned.

Developer Brian Lucier told the board that it might be possible to slightly adjust some of the buildings to provide additional distance between the buildings and 1 Cobblestone Ln., but moving the buildings onto the slice would not be permitted as part of an agreement with Owens and that it would difficult to balance space between the buildings and add additional distance to 1 Cobblestone Ln.

Lucier also told the board that while 25 percent of the units would be affordable units, per the state’s guidlines for 40B projects, reducing the amount of units from eight to six would not be feasible.

However, the applicants told the board that they were looking to work within expected development guidelines and aim to produce a development comparable to Brookside Village or Cottages in the Woods and not the Parents’ Market redevelopment in Graniteville, which drew the board’s ire when it had less than 10 feet between units.

Discussion on the development is expected to continue at the board’s June 15 meeting.