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New Recycling Provider Begins Service To Westford On July 1


The 2016 Fiscal Year ends on Thursday, and one day later Westford begins a partnership with an Andover-based recycling company.

Republic Services will handle the town’s curbside recycling for the next three years, beginning on July 1.

The move came after news that Integrated Paper Recycling, the town’s former recycling disposal provider, would be going out of business.

Integrated Paper Recycling was able to continue on after its contract expired due to supplemental payments, but the Board of Selectmen deliberated on potentially switching companies in early 2015.

Unlike Integrated Paper Recycling, Republic Services will be using a “blended” contract that charges the town based on the commodity prices of recycled materials.

According to Recycling Commission Chairwoman Susan Thomas, when the price of materials is high, a rebate from Republic is worked into the contract. However, additional per tonnage rates will be levied to the town when commodity prices are low, as they are now on many recyclables.

Despite the change in price, which has nearly doubled in the past two fiscal years, Thomas believes that customer service will significantly improve with Republic, which is a much larger recycling provider.

During the search for a new company, Thomas said that over 50 other municipalities gave Republic glowing reviews.

“We hope people will be thrilled to have reliable service from this vendor,” she said. “In most people’s view, there probably won’t be a change.”

Recycling and trash must be at the curb no later than 7 a.m. for pickup, and recycling bins must be out in order for trash to be picked up.

Trash pickup on the week of Independence Day will be delayed by one day, returning to a normal schedule on Monday, July 11.

Residents with further questions can call Republic at 1-800-442-9006 or contact Westford Project/Procurement Specialist Greg Johnson at [email protected]