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New on CAT: A Look Back At Summer Video Camp


From Nabnasset to Forge Village, it’s time for Ira Keltz and WestfordCAT News!

There’s a lot going on in Westford in July and WestfordCAT News has it covered! Local State Rep, Jim Arciero, was involved in part with the HOME Act bill signed in to law recently. The Permanent Town Building Committee has moved forward on the new Fire Station plans. Hundreds walked, ran, and biked to fight domestic violence and come meet Genevieve, this week’s Adoptable Pet!

You can check it out below! WestfordCAT News also plays on weekdays at 6:30pm and weekends at 7 p.m. on public channels Comcast 8 and Verizon 35.

And here’s a quick look at some recent new productions now airing on WestfordCAT!

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WestfordCAT Summer Video Camp 2016 Compilation

For one week in July, WestfordCAT held our annual Summer Video Camp, where local kids receive a crash course in video production, featuring a game show and green screen fun in the studio, plus camera exercises, a simulated field shoot, and a video scavenger hunt. It’s summer fun for everyone!

4th Annual Kurt Kelly Memorial Golf Tournament

The KDK Foundation invites you to participate in the 4th Annual Kurt Kelly Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, July 22, 2016 at the Bradford Country Club.