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Selectmen Okay New Layout For Boston Road Fire Station


The proposed Boston Road Fire Station was back on the Selectmen’s docket on Tuesday with a new concept design from new architectural firm Donham and Sweeney.

In the new plan, the building’s footprint was “flipped”, with the apparatus bays now on the northern part of the building and the department’s other facilities on the southern part of the building, a reversal of the plans offered by former architectural firm Dore and Whittier.

The two parking options.
The two parking options.

The new plan also offered more potential apparatus bays (5) than Dore and Whittier’s plan and the two parking variations also provided more parking spaces (65 and 45) and Dore and Whittier’s plan. Additionally, the building will also include a 47 seat training room considered essential by the Fire Department and Police Department and also not initially included in the Dore and Whittier plan.

Permanent Town Building Committee chairman Tom Mahanna told the Selectmen that this would be largely possible by moving the station closer flatter area near Blake’s Hill Road. This more level topography would in turn reduce required costs for land levelling and retaining walls.

Blake’s Hill Road also would serve as the only ingress/egress point for non-emergency vehicles, which was reported as approximately eight vehicles per day on an average day. However, that number is likely to be higher on days where the training room is used.

Donham and Sweeney spokesperson Jeff Shaw joined with Mahanna in telling the Selectmen that while a traffic light or warning signal could be placed near the station’s approach points, they would not be required and likely would not be necessary.

The training room is considered vital due to the fact that the Police Department’s current training room is being transformed into a joint dispatch center for both the Fire Department and Police Department in the near future.

According to Mahanna, that project should be completed by the time ground is broken for the new fire station, with the Police Station’s current lobby bathrooms still intact and the current dispatch center transformed into an emergency planning area.

The Selectmen approved the 45-parking space option and the new proposal 4-0-0, with Selectman Don Siriani absent.