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Preview of special Town Meeting warrant, Oct. 5


Town Moderator Ellen Harde
Town Moderator Ellen Harde

Bob Price, a steering committee member of the Westford League of Women voters, will preside over a special Town Meeting Warrant Preview on Oct. 5 at the Millennium School, at 7:30 p.m. WestfordCAT asked Price to provide information about the meeting. Special Town Meeting takes place on Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Abbot School, 25 Depot. St.

What’s the purpose of previewing the warrant?
The preview provides an opportunity for interested voters become better prepared for the upcoming Town Meeting. The goal is to present the issues on the warrant, not resolve them.
Will any key officials such as selectmen, Finance Committee members, or Planning Board members be there to answer questions?
Eric Heideman, the new assistant town manager, Kelly Ross, the selectman chairman, and Ellen Harde, the town moderator, will be on hand to explain the issues and answer questions from the voters.
Will you go through every warrant article?

There should be time to touch on every warrant article just to make sure everybody understands exactly what’s on the warrant.

What are the hot button articles?
There’s only one issue that has really stirred up controversy and that’s the Drew Garden article.  The owner of the property is asking the town to remove the Agricultural Preservation Restriction on one of the three parcels that make up the property.  The selectmen may, however, move to dismiss this article if they don’t feel all the relevant information is available to the voters.
In the past you’ve held an informational meeting at the library and you’ve telecast another show from WestfordCAT studios. Why combine the two meetings?

In the past, we’ve held an informal preliminary review to see what issues the voters were interested in and to then pursue those issues in a more formal taped session.  We realize now that the participants are quite capable of discussing the issues with the Town officials directly, so only one session is needed.

How many people do you anticipate coming?

Typically about 20 voters attend these events.