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Asphalt Plant Protestors Gather in Westford Common


At least 200 assembled in the Westford town Common today, Oct. 29, in protest of an asphalt plant agreement signed by selectmen and three Planning Board members earlier this month.

The protestors held signs that said such things as, “no asphalt,” and “You bet your asphalt we’re mad.”

The protest was the outgrowth of a seven-hour meeting held Oct. 25 in which almost 800 attended to voice opposition to the plant. The site is located on 115 acres owned by Nashua businessman Richard DeFelice. DeFelice operates a gravel crushing operation on the parcel.

Selectman Don Siriani turned up on the Common today to listen to the residents’ grievances. Also present was Marty Corbett, who lives in the Greystone residential development which is a stone’s throw from the 540 Groton Road location of the proposed asphalt plant.

Corbett wore a symbolic respirator mask designed to filter fine particles — a big part of the fear expressed by residents who oppose the plant. Asphalt is bituminous concrete composed of benzene and other chemicals. Opponents say airborne particles lodge in the circulatory system and remain in the body.

“My house is one of the closest to the site of any, in Greystone,” Corbett stated.

Selectmen and Planning Board members are meeting Tuesday to reconsider the settlement contract they’ve signed.

Correction: This story was updated on Oct. 30 to correct a quote.