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Strong turn out among early voters in Westford


Town Clerk Kaari Mai Tari is expressing surprise at the early voter turnout that took place in town between Oct. 24 and Nov. 4.

A total of 5,276 voters or 31 percent of the 16,989 registered voters have already cast ballots in advance of the Nov. 8 Presidential election.

“We’re amazed!” stated Tari.

The town clerk and her staff scheduled 11 days of early voting opportunities in Westford.

The fewest number to show up on any of the days was 283 and the most to show were on the last available day for early voting. There were 1,065 votes cast that day.

The average number of votes made on any of the days was 480.

Tari said there is no precedent with which to compare the outcome of the state’s first early voting program.

The newly enacted Election Reform Law was signed by former Gov. Deval Patrick in May 2014. The law applies to all state elections. Votes could be cast at a designated location in person or by mail 11 business days prior to the election and ending two business days before Election Day.

“There’s nothing to compare this to,” Tari said on Nov. 7. “This is the first time in history that we’ve had early voting.  How it effects the overall turnout will be clear tomorrow evening.”