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PHOTO GALLERY: Muffins on Main Opens in Westford


The doors to Muffins on Main finally opened the week of Dec. 12 with muffins and scones available to the early customers.

Manager Pam Sulka said she ran out of the 100 muffins and 40 scones she made on Dec. 12 before the shop hours ended. She sold out of the 150 muffins and 50 scones she made the next day, too.

She’s still gathering the right equipment inside her kitchen to enable her to work more quickly and efficiently.

“I don’t have all my containers yet for prepping in advance,” she said.

Sulka is the sole baker and manager at 40 Main St. At one time, the town center’s only store, the former General Store is now a breakfast nook where residents can get a cup of coffee, tea, muffin or scone.

The building, which also contains five residential apartments, was purchased by Ellen and Mike Harde in April. Once all the kinks were worked out with readying the eatery, the couple turned it over to Sulka, who is a former baker at the Kimball Farm Country Store on Littleton Road.