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Westford Superintendent Addresses School Lunch Issue


The following was distributed by Westford School Superintendent Everett V. Olsen. If you have news email [email protected].

“On Tuesday, Dec. 13, I received several emails from parents expressing concern over the school lunch that was served. I feel that it is important to provide some information to you to address any incorrect information that may be circulating on social media.

The lunch in question consisted of a whole grain, low sodium, low sugar, yeast raised donut (which meets U.S.D.A. guidelines for a bread serving), a fruit choice, carrots, three gluten-free sausage links, Waldorf salad and milk (dessert optional).  Alternate lunch offerings were also available. Typically, the Food Service Program serves a breakfast type meal for lunch once a month.  Such a lunch generally consists of French Toast, waffles, or pancakes. The whole grain donut that was substituted for the aforementioned breakfast items contained less sugar and less carbohydrates and higher dietary fiber.

Over the years I have encouraged our Food Service Program to try new menu items that meet or exceed U.S.D.A. nutritional guidelines.  We have an excellent Food Service Director and cafeteria staff that devotes much time to planning meals that offer nutritional value and expose children to different foods. I understand that what is observed on a plate may lead one to the conclusion that a particular lunch or food item is lacking in nutritional standards; however prior to anything being served, every food item’s nutritional value is reviewed.  I appreciate that the expectation of every parent is that Westford Public Schools will be serving a nutritionally balanced meal to our students.  Be assured that it is also the very important goal of our Food Service staff.”