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Letter to the WestfordCAT editor: 2017 is Year of Opportunity to Welcome All


The new year is starting with a sense of anxiety and disquiet for many of us.
The year 2016 was a period of increasing polarization and  intolerance, and what lies ahead for our country, uncertain. This past election created an atmosphere of doubt and fear for the future. Demonizing certain groups of people, implying that somehow some of us don’t belong, builds walls between people when what is needed is to build bridges and include everyone in our community. Changing attitudes at a national level is difficult, but in Westford we have the opportunity to work locally to include everyone.
Westford has been, in our memory, a wonderful town with terrific people who help one another out, and help out the town through many volunteer activities.  We need to remember that we are all neighbors in town, and that this is a generous and welcoming community for people of all backgrounds.
Westford is our town and it has become a much more diverse place than it was years ago.  We think this is a richer town for that diversity.  We have the opportunity to ensure that Westford is a place that welcomes people from all over of different socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, and sexual orientation.
This new year is one of opportunity for Westford to continue to be a friendly and  welcoming town.  It is not yet clear what will unfold in the new year or what will need to be done, but whatever happens we hope everyone will join together for the good of all the people in town.
Happy New Year to everyone.  David Fox and Jo-Anne Lund, Hildreth Street