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Westford Academy Student Removed from School for Making Threat


The following information was distributed by Westford Academy Principal James Antonelli in his online newsletter. WestfordCAT will continue to follow the story and bring you updates.

I want to provide you with some information regarding a situation that occurred on Tuesday of this week.

Through social media a student from Westford Academy made a threatening statement, which mentioned three students from our high school.  Our school administration in cooperation with our School Resource Officer, Det. Geoffrey Pavao and the Westford Police Department immediately removed the student from school grounds.

The parents of the students named in the statement were called and informed about the situation.

A safety check of the alleged perpetrator’s home was completed by the Westford Police Department and no weapons of any kind were found on the premises. Because this is an ongoing investigation, these are the only details that I can share with at this time.

Please be assured that Westford Academy is safe.  We take every situation seriously and work closely with the WPD to insure that our school environment, our students and staff remain safe at all times.


Jim Antonelli