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Video Digest from the Producers at WestfordCAT


A station ID with Marshall Tisdale of Edward Jones Investments.

Host Will Courtney talks with Certified Trainer and Registered Dietician, Shane Lazar, about how both exercise and proper nutrition are paramount in keeping fit and losing weight.

Anne Marie Rowse of Senior Care Advisors shares information about Care Management Services with Senior Spot host, Jenn Quinn.

The one and only Gino Fratalonni is back. Dennis Galvin makes his triumphant return to the show.  We also welcome Niki Penta back as cohost.

A video presentation featuring Jenn Quinn’s best practices on how young people can positively interact with people with dementia.

We’re kicking off this new series by going to the back of the house with the executive chef of Evviva Cucina in Westford, Brandon Welch.

Janis Hoplin is a cute and cuddly, one year old Lion Head/Lop Mix rabbit looking for a forever home.