VIDEO: Conservation Commission Mulls Whether Fishing Derby Meets Definition of Aquaculture vs. Agriculture

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The Conversation Commission, on July 25, continued a public hearing on whether stocking the pond at the Westford Sportsmen’s Club constitutes aquaculture instead of agriculture. A representative of the Sportsmen’s club contended that the annual fishing derby held each April is aquaculture, meaning that dredging the pond would exempt the club from following environmental requirements. However, aquaculture requires a commercial purpose, among other things. The commission is mulling whether the derby meets the commercial requirement.

The members will take up the matter again on Aug. 8.

Representatives of Varsity Wireless, LLC, of Boston, who won approval in July 2017 to install a 130 foot cellular monopole at 11 Brookside Road requested a continuance of the public hearing until Aug. 22.

Watch the video here.

UPDATE – A broadened explanation about whether the Sportsmen’s Club is exempt from environmental requirements in dredging its fishing derby pond was added on July 31.

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