LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Representative James Arciero Puts Community First

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State Rep. James Arciero has done a very good job representing the voters of Chelmsford, Littleton and Westford in the Massachusetts Legislature. During his time in office, I have been a parent involved in both the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts organizations in the town.  Jim Arciero has been a fixture in the Scouting community, always going out of his way to support our town’s youth. He’s a regular at Eagle Scout courts of honor, as well as bridging ceremonies and Gold Awards. He takes time to encourage the Scouts when he sees them volunteering at town events, or to help Scouts earn their Citizenship in the Community merit badges at the weeknight Troop meetings.

In addition to the positive impact Jim brings in supporting youth in the towns he represents, I’ve found Jim easy to approach when I’ve reached out on several occasions regarding matters pending before the Legislature. I always received a phone call back, and he and his staff have been open to hearing my opinions in addition to sharing Jim’s perspective.

Jim Arciero brings a commonsense rationalism to his office, where he’s supported his community as a leader on issues ranging from reform of state government, to economic and community development. I believe that Rep. Arciero is deeply committed to the voters of Chelmsford, Littleton and Westford and is the best choice to continue supporting our community in the future–and that is why I will be voting for him this November. — Michael Schultz, Westford, MA

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