VIDEO: Independent Candidate for Congressional Seat Presents Positions on Hot Topics

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Mike Mullen, the Independent candidate for the Third District Congressional seat participated in a lightening round question and answer exchange with WestfordCAT News Director Joyce Pellino Crane on the set of her show, Main Street.

Crane kicked off her list of questions by asking Mullen what he would do about the opioid crisis.

“That’s been devastating…,” he said. “What it’s led to is abuse out in the world with street drugs like heroin and then more recently fentanyl, which is 50 times more powerful. So I think one of my priorities would be to advocate for more support for medically assisted treatment using things like methadone…to get people back into a recovery mode. Most public health officials have stated this is not something that’s easy to do on your own.”

Mullen called for leveraging the primary care system and expanding treatment to those who are incarcerated.

He went on to answer questions about a number of topics, including immigration, the health care system and housing crisis.

Watch the video here.

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