Politicians in Pain Heats up WestfordCAT; Studio Sizzles from Hot Sauce Challenge

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Steve Edwards and Susan Spuhler. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

Steve Edwards and Susan Spuhler. PHOTO BY JOYCE PELLINO CRANE

A sizzling first episode of WestfordCAT’s newest show, Politicians in Pain, was recorded on Nov. 15 and will launch in December.

Here’s a preview of the show.

Host Steve Edwards welcomed Westford Town Moderator Susan Spuhler to the set for a spicy conversation — literally. There waiting for her were 10 bottles of hot sauce lined up in a row — each one progressively spicier than the one before it. The sauces — some made from the world’s hottest peppers — were applied to chicken tenders and eaten by the host and guest as they chatted.

The hot sauce  is designed to encourage a more open and conversational dialogue between guest and host, as the heat breaks down communication barriers, said Edwards.

The show is based on the YouTube creation by Chris Schonberger and Sean Evans, called Hot Ones, which focuses on celebrity interviews.

Edwards said the chief difference between his show and Hot Ones is  that guests must be politicians. Edwards’ show primarily focuses on locally elected officials.

“To be on my show you have to have been elected to office,” he said. Retired elected officials are also qualified.

Edwards credits Hot Ones for his show’s concept.

“The show is a blatant ripoff of Hot Ones, but I made it very clear where I drew my inspiration from,” said Edwards, referring to his on air introduction.

Hot Ones host, Evans, conducts his interviews with celebrities and not politicians, Edwards noted, adding that he hopes the Hot Ones creators won’t take issue with his Politicians in Pain concept.

Viewers are encouraged to watch the show at westfordcat.org to see if Spuhler makes it through all the spices. She was armed on the set with a tub of ice cream, a glass of milk and a pint of yogurt to counter the burn.

Here’s the hot sauce lineup for Edwards’ and Spuhler’s chicken tenders binge:

  • Ancho and Morita by Huble House
  • The Bronx Green Market by Small Axe Peppers
  • Pirate’s Lantern
  • Scotch Bonnet and Ginger, by Queen Majesty
  • Dirty Dick’s hot pepper sauce
  • Los Calientes by Heatonist
  • Black Garlic and Carolina Reaper by Bravado Spice Company
  • Da Bomb Beyond Insanity
  • Mad Dog 357
  • The Last Dab by Heatonist

Editor’s note: The spiciness of peppers are rated by Scoville heat units. The hottest peppers in the world appear to be rated as high as 16 million units. It’s not clear where the scale tops out.


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