VIDEO: Presentation Gives Overview of Westford History; Sponsored by Westford Museum and Westford Historical Society

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Geoff Hall presents highlights of Westford history in his latest production, entitled “A Short History of Westford.”

Hall, a former state Representative and a former Social Studies teacher in Chelmsford, has been producing historical videos at WestfordCAT over the past few years.

“In the mid-1600s, praying towns were established by Europeans for the Christianized  Native American tribes,” said Hall. “Littleton was one of those praying towns. It was established for the Nashoba Indians and the Wamesit and Pentuckets were located further east in what is now called Lowell.”

Last year Hall produced “A History of Nabnasset.”

Rich McLaughlin and Hall conducted the research for both presentations.

The productions were sponsored by the Westford Historical Society and the Westford Museum.

Video by Patty Stocker

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