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VIDEO: Westford Academy Athletic Director Focuses on Life Lessons


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Video by Patty Stocker

Westford Academy Trustee Geoff Hall sits down with Westford Academy’s Athletic Director, Jeff Bunyon, after his first full year in the position. Bunyon talks about the responsibilities of an athletic director, the challenges of managing Westford’s middle schools’ and high school’s 73 athletic teams, what his goals are for the future of the schools’ athletic programs, and his philosophy that the importance of winning in sports, is no different than acing tests in the classroom.

“You don’t remember that [score of] 96 that you received on a test,” he said. “You will remember that teacher that had an impact on your life. You don’t remember every win and every loss, but you will remember that coach that had an impact on you; that taught you something.”

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UPDATE – The quote by Jeff Bunyon was clarified on Aug. 30.