Social Media Face-off Between Teens Included Images of Weapons and Threats

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In West Side Story, rival gangs used weapons against each other, but in Westford this weekend, teens used social media to fight.

Westford Academy Principal James Antonelli issued a statement, today, Sept. 3, saying that a group of WA students and a group from another community “exchanged some negative social media posts. Through this exchange images of weapons were shared and some off-campus threats were made.”

It was a Westford Academy student who brought the matter to the attention of school officials. The exchange of posts took place over the long Labor Day weekend.

“During the investigation,” Antonelli stated, “our  SRO [school resource officer] reached out to school officials and SRO’s in the other school district to alert them of this negative exchange. At no time was there a threat at Westford Academy. All of the exchanges took place over the weekend, off school grounds, and we have investigated thoroughly.”

Antonelli said the officials have completed their investigation, and took the proactive position of notifying the high school’s parent community.

“To reiterate, there have been no threats directed towards our school or school campus. If additional information arises, I will be sure to inform all of you immediately,” Antonelli added.

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