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VIDEO: Injured Red Tailed Hawk Released Back Into the Wild


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Video by Patty Stocker

Westford Animal Control officers released a red tailed hawk back into wild on Sept. 30 after it had spent almost three months rehabilitating at Tufts Wildlife Clinic in Grafton. The hawk was injured on July 9 after it had swooped into the backyard at 39 Vose Hill Road in Westford and caught its wing in a bird feeder, according to Westford Animal Control Officer Dan Hurd.

The owner of the home called Animal Control after she observed the hawk hopping about the backyard. “We were successfully able to capture the hawk and bring it to Tufts Wildlife Center,” Hurd said. “Honestly (Tufts) is incredible. We are absolutely able to do much better on behalf of the animals because of them. They take essentially any wildlife and if they’re able to help them, they will.”

X-rays showed the hawk had a broken wing and a previous clavicle fracture. “So he definitely had some injuries,” said Hurd.

Hurd credited the clinical workers at Tufts for giving the hawk a chance to learn how to return to wildlife.

Hurd asked the public to call Westford Animal Control directly at 978-692-4574 if they ever come across a wildlife emergency. Hurd said residents can also call the Westford Police Department who will contact an Animal Control Officer.

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