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ADOPTABLE PET: Scoot to Meet Scamper at Lowell Humane Society


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Video by Patty Stocker

Thirteen year old, Scamper, was found abandoned in an apartment before being brought to the Lowell Humane Society in June. Described by the shelter’s marketing and fundraising manager, Crystal Arnott, as “affectionate, sweet, and friendly,” Scamper is an agile and active cat for her age.

“She’ll climb and play and romp,” said Arnott. “She’s a big attention seeker. She likes to say hello and snuggle up next to you. She loves being brushed and getting belly rubs.”

Arnott realizes that adopting a 13-year-old cat takes a special kind of person.

“We really look for a lot of heroes to take in these senior cats,” she says. “It can be hard taking in an older cat. You know you’re going to have limited years with them, but it’s almost like they know what you’re doing for them and they just love you so much for it.”

Scamper is available now for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society

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