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VIDEO: Westford Academy Graduate and UConn Sophomore Hosts STEM For Girls Program; Part 4


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In this episode of STEM For Girls By Girls in STEM, Westford Academy graduate and UConn sophomore, Serena Beri, covers the importance of problem solving; how to improve one’s problem solving skills, and how to come up with solutions for real world problems. “Problem solving is a critical part of any job,”said Beri. “In any job you’ll need to solve problems fast and quickly and come up with ingenuitive solutions. Problem solving enables us to think ahead and plan for future complications.”

Serena also touches on the growth of 3-D printing in the medical field and her guests, Nandu Vellal, of 3D Educational Services and Amita Vellal, of the Pajama Llamas FLL team, discuss 3D printing’s use in the education, movie, automotive, food, and space industries.

“There are a wide number of industries that have adopted 3D printing,” said Nandu. “One of the big ones is automotive. The reason is they can combine multiple parts into one because additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, gives the designers the ability to make more complex parts that they could not have made using traditional manufacturing.”

This is Beri’s fourth episode in a series of 10 she has planned to air on WestfordCAT.

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