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‘Gracious Neighbor’ Wins ZBA Approval to Convey Small Parcel to Abutter


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The Zoning Board of Appeals, on Dec. 18, unanimously approved a special permit allowing the purchaser of 55 Cold Spring Road to convey a land plot to her abutting neighbors on Pierce Avenue.

The request prompted Chair Bob Herrmann to call her “a gracious neighbor.”

Pamela Sulka won approval to give Andrew Olszowy of 29 Pierce Avenue a 7,000 square foot land plot.

“What I found when I purchased the property was I didn’t know exactly where the lot line was,” Sulka said. “It’s an antique property, it’s an antique home, and the lot is non-conforming to begin with.”

After a survey was completed, Sulka discovered that the land extends much further back than she anticipated. She said it’s not land she needs.

Being unfamiliar with the plot line, Olszowy said he had installed a shed on the land. He did not specify when it was built.

Sulka noted that the parcel with the shed looked like it belonged to Olszowy. Conveying it to him would not change the appearance of the backyard plots, she said.

“I don’t think there would be any change in the look of it,” she said.

“When Pamela brought it to our attention we wanted to work out some kind of purchase…,” Olsz0wy said.

Herrmann said it was a straightforward request and his board members agreed.

“We’re would be looking for a special permit to increase the lot area on a non conforming lot and to create a non-buildable parcel for the sole purpose of conveyance…,” Herrmann said.